Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Big Feet!

 I went to the Sweatshop! Well I decided that it was time to buy proper trainers and the reasons I chose the Sweatshop were:

1: it really has a funny name! I mean I can not stop thinking of a shop that sells bottled sweat (I know my level of humour is one of a 7 year old)
2: it had good reviews and promised to offer me proper tests and stuff on my running style
3: it is very local: this small but oh so cosy branch is just under the railway arches off from Holloway Road.

Turns out it really was a nice shop. The friendly shop assistant made me run on a treadmill several times to find me a perfect pair. Also turns out that my right foot moves bit wonkily and that I have been using way too small shoes and that the pretty Nike shoes really are not for me. So I got these ugly Brooks ones. At least I like the blue bits and they are not too white(just thinking of all the mud in this country). She also sold me a discount pair of sports socks with all sorts of scientific sounding functions. I really didn't know socks could be so technical. I was also given all sorts of leaflets with motivational slogans. The shoebox was full of inspirational text too. I give you few examples of motivational text: Running is a force for good, Every runner has a dream, Run Happy..... and because I am rather cynical and can't deal with cheesy slogans, I'v been having hard time not laughing out loud hysterically.

My old shoes are much smaller indeed!  And this is me laughing at my new big feet! Obviously I had to do a small test run and so far so good!

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