Thursday, 11 October 2012

this runner just got bit angry

I started the porridge season this morning. Porridge is winter breakfast food and I thought that the weather felt miserable enough for it. I picked Scott's porage oats because of that kilt wearing hunk. It felt like an appropriate choice for a wannabe superhero. As I was tucking into my porridge I overheard something alarming. Telly was left on next room and the news reader was just reporting about  the rise on eating disorders. What was most alarming about the news was the younger and younger age of the cases majority of them being girls. It's easy to now that eating healthily and being physically active is the way forward. Unfortunately this message doesn't always translate this innocently. Being fit means different things for guys and girls. Boys have a variety of sports heroes to look up to but girls get the wags and airhead celebrities. For a girl being fit is not about achieving something or being heroic or feeling great, its about LOOKING GOOD. Looking good means being thin and passive and not getting dirty. No wonder girls faint on treadmills meanwhile blokes meet their mates for a friendly match of football.
Deeply in my thoughts I forgot that I was meant to try to avoid the rain and do my running early today. I ran in the rain. Well it wasn't too bad and I managed little over an hour through several parks. 

I had to buy few bits and bobs for an outfit for Saturday's party. I needed them cheaply and forced myself to the Wood Green shopping hell. Then I started getting of the track a little bit. Now I own these super cute gloves...

...and then I also have a very technical new running shirt! It claimed to be very cheap in TK Max and I got fooled by the fancy labels. I have a good reason for this purchase too. Today I discovered a brand new spot for blisters: between my boobs! My habit of hiding the keys in my sports bra doesn't seem so clever anymore and this top has a small pocket for them. It's also highly visible hence the orange colour. Will be so safe when jogging in the darkness and car drivers will spot me, the running Halloween pumpkin, from miles away! Oh and it has funny holes for thumbs.

Being so excited about my newly found materialism towards sports gear, I ventured to Sports Direct. That's where I got angry again. At least the running section was strictly divided into his and hers, hers being entirely PINK! Pink is an ok colour but what it stands for nowadays and when pink means female version of the real version, I can not stand it at all! But there was a sale and I grabbed this MALE bottle. Might get handy when my runs get longer and longer, I reasoned.

I also got more socks and settled for a pretty lavender colour instead of the pink. I hate lavender too because it's the other option alongside pink for us females. But the socks were only few pounds...

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