Monday, 26 November 2012

superheroes don't drink whiskey

Last Friday I finally tested my professional winter running equipment. Looks like I'm sponsored by Karrimor. Either the equipment failed or my body just had enough of me wanting too much from it but bit after the run it just shut down. Well, I went to bed and thought nothing of it until the next morning. I had promised to go climbing as soon as the climbing centre opens. I felt shit but went climbing anyways. There was some sort of big happening going on. We didn't participate on any of the competitions such as SPEED CLIMBING. We took all the freebies though. Below are the freebies. I will leave them visibly somewhere in my room so anyone who visits will get a very false picture of me as super serious action woman. The truth is that I am far from action person or desired superhero. Today I got finally ill for real. The whiskey drinking on Saturday night might have not helped me after all. Bugger

Thursday, 22 November 2012

gone with the wind

Natures forces were punishing me for my partying lifestyle today. The wind was RIDICULOUS! I tried my best to cycle to Science Museum but I swear I was moving more backwards than forwards. Luckily the way back was a piece of cake since this time wind was on my side. Should have built wings. Anyways, back home I was buzzing so much that I decided to do some running as well. When running wind doesn't really bother that much. I felt energetic and pushed myself up the hills to Highgate TWICE. My body graves for these kind of nice adrenaline rushes but I'v been burning the candle from all the possible ends lately. Partying, partying and partying and training and working lots just doesn't happen all at ones. I'm not stupid, I know this very well. But I'm a new single person and it's the party season and... I will do something very obvious and do a New Year's resolution: will cut down partying A LOT. I'v been always annoyed by New Year's resolutions but I think one is needed this time around. Otherwise this girl is going to end up in a hospital rather than running a bloody marathon. Yesterday should have been a warning example. After spending whole day in horrible hungover I went to karate and I was SHITTIER than SHIT! My brain didn't work at all and I felt annoyed, frustrated and angry. Yep.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I have all my stuff but don't run enough

Rubbishly I only managed to run ones in the last week and that was yesterday. Well at least I finally managed to move all my shit and now it's all  in a nice pile in the corner of our living room. Guys won't mind... On Wednesday I did karate, of course. Big bloke who also happens to be a brown belt bruised my arms pretty well. I did put on a good fight! On Thursday I got stupidly drunk, on Friday I suffered and on Saturday we went climbing again. It pays to go bit more regularly. We finally managed to progress to the next level of difficulty!

Yesterday was a sunny and brisk day. Brilliant for a good run. Also brilliant for a nice walk around Hampstead Heath. This bird animal was in one of the ponds. I don't understand what's going on with it's wings!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

I want to be eight again!

What a weekend! At times(like today morning) it was so shitty that I really wished to be like this super girl and not a grown up woman in a middle of a stupid relationship mess. Life was so simple as a eight year old! Maybe if I just sew a super costume and put it on, it would take away all these pointless grown up problems? It's so stupid idea that it might just work.
Yesterday at least I did some serious sport stuff. In the morning I went trough those boring sit ups and press ups etc. and then ran around muddy parks. What really is great about my new home is that I'm close to my favourite parks again: Queen's Wood, Alexandra Palace and Highgate Wood. Later on yesterday I met my friend Satu for a wall climbing session. We were both pretty tired and even more hysterical than normally. We have a standard level of hysteria every time. Wall climbing is not to be taken too seriously... But yeah, this time we finished early and headed to the pub for some recovery drinks.

Friday, 9 November 2012

walking and painting but not running

Life is most certainly back on some sort of track. I just don't know what track which is actually just exciting. Last night I finally went back to karate after which I rushed to my new home to take one of the guys for a walk. Yes the housemate in question is the same one than in the picture above. And yes that is my bed with my childhood favourite bedsheets. Today I cycled to the big Homebase to buy some paint but accidentally ended up to Sports Direct as well. I still don't like the shop but they had even bigger reductions. I managed to get long running pants for a tenner! The key is just to ignore all the pink and opt for any other colour which means black, black or shocking yellow. So I got another highly visible running top, running gloves and even a headband. Weather is getting chillier and chillier!

The mission of the day was to paint my walls. I thought it would only take couple of hours after which I would have plenty of time to go for a dog walk in sunshine and then later on test my new running gear. It took couple of hours just to tape and protect everything! At least I finally discovered what The Sun newspaper is good for... Dog walking happened in the darkness and running didn't happen at all.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

new home, new start

I have a new home! I moved on Sunday to my cute little room in a house I share with three blokes and occasionally one dog. I feel happy which is a new sensation after the long misery. My work journey is tiny bit longer now which wouldn't really matter if there wouldn't be that bastard called MASSIVE HILL. My main transport is my bike and this hill does make a difference. Phew. Tonight after surviving from the hill I decided to push myself even further and go running. It was my first night time run and went surprisingly well. I feel excited about this superhero project again! So excited indeed that I also decided to try to replace my alcohol obsession with a far healthier spinach obsession. I really really adore spinach. So I stuffed my face with spinach pasta which I washed down with of wine. I hope overdosing on spinach will make me strong like Popeye. My only wish is that I would get those mega muscles on my legs rather than arms.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Halloween, no running and pretty damn ugly food

I'v been homeless for bit over 2 weeks now(oh well, pretty luxurious homeless who had happily stayed in my friend's lovely flat). For the last week or so I have concentrated on flat hunting, drinking and ugly food. I've even missed the last 2 karate training sessions. Above is the ugliest most disgusting food item ever. We purchased one with my sister Kiira from a bizarre cake fair. She flew here to take care of me in the middle of this life changing mess.

Below are the pumpkins we carved.

Then we baked some more ugly food. 

Last Thursday I finally found a new home and tomorrow I will move. I'm excited to get my life back on track and my superhero project back on agenda!