Thursday, 25 October 2012

I need a room

I really didn't want to include any serious emotional meltdowns into this harmless blog but since I might be in the middle of one, I might need to mention it. This broken heart shit and starting your life all over again IS BLOODY DAMN HARD. Last few days have been especially weird and I could swear that my dear old head is playing tricks on me. My initial excitement towards running has vanished but I am committed to gain it back. In fact I am convinced that setting my mind to this crazy running project will help me fight through this shit. So I went running again. It was shit. Somehow this whole drama had made my body weak as well. Bloody unfair! I tried to book a place in a marathon training day though. Hope I get it.
In the middle of love disaster the shittiest thing is that one has to sort out big practical things such as WHERE TO LIVE. That's what I'v been doing. I have to rent a room in a house share since it's impossibly expensive to live alone in London. But turns out that even just rooms can be ridiculously expensive! I just went to a Speed Flatmating event. Idea is nice: people who look rooms to rent meet people who have rooms to offer. It was a disaster though. The moment I'd written my budget on the sticker I was meant to wear I realised everyone else was having much bigger numbers on their stickers. Place was full of business people with money. And I thought house shares were mainly for hippies...

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