Tuesday, 23 October 2012

running with a heart failure

Last week my life came crumbling down. I left the love of my life and the lovely flat I shared with him. We knew this was probably coming but I had been still hoping. I didn't really anticipate broken heart to be the biggest challenge on my superhero project though. I'v been feeling totally opposite to a super anything!
Now I'm living on my friend's sofa. The sofa is located closer to central London and also means totally different running routes. My first run with a broken heart happened last Sunday. I ran by the Regent's Canal and around Regent's Park. That's exactly where I ran for the first time ever in London over 7 years ago and felt like I was in a movie! I thought it would be emotional and bring back all the memories from the beginning of our love story but I felt nothing. It was nice to run again though and the colourful Autumn leaves looked lovely. The pictures above I took bit later when I was walking to meet a friend for a Sunday brunch. Brunch turned out to be an all day and night wine drinking session and I think I undid the running completely!  

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