Friday, 12 October 2012

action woman versus action man

My bum is broken. To be more precise the right bum cheek is broken. This is my first official sports injury. I have to say I didn't expect it to be the bum!

Then there's this copycat dude out there whose agenda on how to appear heroic is totally stolen from me. He is Vladimir Putin. I should point out to mr Putin that if I would have policies they would probably totally argue with his ones so maybe this copycat move is  a political suicide for him. He has been warned.

example 1: Karate moves

At least I do some kicking but I have to admit that I only have a yellow belt and in this picture it is just a white one!

So he appears to have a black belt. But is this just a marketing stunt? He doesn't even kick. He just does some stretching!

 example 2: wall climbing

I climb higher. Clearly.

This just looks pathetic. Someone is helping him and he looks scared.

 example 3: mountain climbing

Again I climb higher. I am above the clouds already and I carry my stuff!

Someone else clearly carries all his stuff...hmpf

example 4: hiking by the river

Yep there I go. Small balancing issues but otherwise all good good.

Now this is LOW! Going TOPLESS!!!! Unbelievable celebrity stunt!

I think the scores are 3-1 to me. I give Putin 1 for the black belt. Should give minus points for the tasteless half naked pose.

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