Sunday, 30 September 2012

10.12 Km per hour...

Second running around pointlessly after learning that I take part in the marathon. 

If I manage to keep up this speed for 4 times longer then I should finnish in 4 hours and something...not bad if I manage to run that far. Hmmmm
Now I am enjoying my well deserved recovery drink called cider. I am taking this seriously!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

a real superhero for my inspiration!

 This is Kathrine Switzer who challenged the 'only for guys' rule of Boston Marathon in 1967. The organisers actually tried to remove her by physically pushing and crabbing! Her fellow runners protected her all the way though. Sounds unbelievable but this actually happened only 45 years ago! She really is a real life superhero ninja warrior and I will never ever get even close to her greatness... and that organiser dude is just the ultimate opposite of any kind of superhero. He doesn't even deserve the title of a villain since he is just too damn stupid. Luckily I can be pretty confident that he won't be an obstacle on my way. It will be difficult enough even just with cheering and supporting crowds! 

I just checked the Marathon route for the first time by using the London Marathon Interactive Map. I am so bloody good at imagining things that I actually got goose pumps when I followed the route on my screen. When I was approaching the finishing line I nearly cried! Oh dear. This will be interesting indeed.

Friday, 28 September 2012

oups, what the f*ck did I do again!

Oopsy daisy! Last spring in a temporary loss of sufficient brain function I entered the Virgin London Marathon 2013 ballot. The chances of actually getting a place were rather slim and I never really believed to actually get one. But what happened then...oh dear, oh dear...just few hours before this very moment I received this scary letter. But because I take stupid things in life very very seriously and because I can be pretty stubborn, I will bloody become a super hero version of me.  In order to actually go trough this hell I have to make all this very public. Then there will be no excuses. So here we go: a public humiliation diary of an nonathletic  exercise hating and booze loving superhero ninja warrior. 
Note: the first thing I did, after receiving the death sentence letter, was an hour long running around pointlessly thing. In other words I started training immediately!