Thursday, 4 October 2012

it's torture time!

This is what I call BORING exercise: press-ups and sit-ups and other various forms of self harm and torture! My philosophy goes that any sort of sport is great as long as it's fun. This sort of exercise is NOT fun! In fact I hate the whole word exercise. It's the whole world of fitness and gym going that I don't really understand. It concentrates too much on looks and calories and dieting and just boring things. But I have decided to listen to the experts when it comes to marathon training and the official London Virgin Marathon magazine advised to work on core stability. Oh yeah, that's the fancy word they used for these basic movements! 
After this self harm session I did my second running around pointlessly in my new shoes. They are still good. I tried to only run for half an hour but accidentally spent 40 minutes hopping around park and the neighbourhood. 

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