Sunday, 14 October 2012

Puff Daddy nearly destroyed my future in karate

Yesterday was the official Diddy Day. Only in Chicago but still, I'm not making this up. So obviously we had a party. I make a rubbish Puff Daddy as you can tell from the picture. I look more like some sleazy Italian(no offence Italians). And I still haven't learned how to do those gangsta hands. Only thing I was successful at was endurance. Somehow I crawled home just before 4 in the morning...

...and that was a BIG problem. You see, I had my karate grading test today afternoon. I was meant to just pop to the party for few hours and then call it a night. I really didn't think I would survive alive from the grading. This is me walking towards the leisure centre and feeling sick.

Against all the odds I didn't have a heart attack, instead I got a brand new orange belt. It was tough though. Very tough and stupid and totally not advisable. Lesson of the story: Do not pretend to be Puff Daddy!

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