Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year, new me and blah blah blah

This is Superhero Ninja Warrior after the xmas break. My hair turned sort of beetroot and it's pretty long as well. Face reflects all that heavy eating and drinking and total lack of any exercise.  All those winter sport activities that I planned to do, ones in Finland, were squeezed in 2 insignificant moments: sledding and tiny little bit of ice skating. To my defence it has to be said that first the weather was ridiculously cold, then I got very snotty and had fever and then the weather turned wet and disgusting.

But it's 2013 now and exactly 15 weeks to the BIG DAY. I started following a training plan TODAY with uhmmm...a day of rest. I did take Kidd for a longish walk though. It counts, doesn't it? And I was exhausted after a weekend of cycling all over the place. On Saturday I ran 10K after which I decided to cycle somewhere far beyond Stratford to meet a friend and then on my way back I got sort of lost and did a good detour around North East London. Yesterday I was lucky to be able to test ride a real racing bike. It was one of those ├╝ber-trendy bikes with no gears which worried me but all for nothing. It was so light and fast and really a joy to ride! I even did that horrendous uphill from Hampstead Heath to Highgate Village!

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