Monday, 17 December 2012

xmas stress is killing me

This Xmas is nearly killing me. I don't have any time left to breath and still haven't even completed the horror called xmas shopping. The shop is busy like in hell and on top of that we did this tree decoration job with surprising deadlines. I worked all night through on that super cute London bus road garland(check my art blog for details). 
At least I managed to attend karate on Wednesday and on Thursday I went climbing even though I was facing an all night bus building session. Yesterday, on Sunday, I ran through parks between my seasonal duties of gingerbread baking and gift hunting. The weather has gone milder again which meant lots of mud. Then today I panicked when faced with realities of the Christmas season. I do not have any more time left for running until next year! So I went for a late night run and ran pretty fast again. I'm quite sad of not been able to run for such a long time but I guess I can make it up with some winter sports when I get to Finland next week. And to be honest; fuck this mild weather, I need real winter with ice and snow!

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