Saturday, 19 January 2013

serious sporty girl

My dear workmate Bill is determined to design me an outfit for the marathon. So far I'v found something wrong with each idea. He doesn't seem to understand that practicality is the number one concern when it comes to running gear. I will NOT run wearing a helmet with antennas. We have some work to do with this....

This week I'v tried to stick to my training plan bit better. On Monday I did silly cross training in my room and on Tuesday I tried to time my run with a stop watch on my phone. That was stupid. My fingers were freezing and could hardly operate the phone. It's a miracle that I didn't drop it and break it. So I did some internet shopping and ordered a real super technical running watch. It arrived already today and tomorrow I will put it to the test. Just need to figure out how to use it first. Then I'v been climbing lots too(well twice this week). Today I did some multitasking athletic style. I ran to the climbing centre and back. I'm so sporty it scares me.

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