Friday, 9 November 2012

walking and painting but not running

Life is most certainly back on some sort of track. I just don't know what track which is actually just exciting. Last night I finally went back to karate after which I rushed to my new home to take one of the guys for a walk. Yes the housemate in question is the same one than in the picture above. And yes that is my bed with my childhood favourite bedsheets. Today I cycled to the big Homebase to buy some paint but accidentally ended up to Sports Direct as well. I still don't like the shop but they had even bigger reductions. I managed to get long running pants for a tenner! The key is just to ignore all the pink and opt for any other colour which means black, black or shocking yellow. So I got another highly visible running top, running gloves and even a headband. Weather is getting chillier and chillier!

The mission of the day was to paint my walls. I thought it would only take couple of hours after which I would have plenty of time to go for a dog walk in sunshine and then later on test my new running gear. It took couple of hours just to tape and protect everything! At least I finally discovered what The Sun newspaper is good for... Dog walking happened in the darkness and running didn't happen at all.

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