Monday, 26 November 2012

superheroes don't drink whiskey

Last Friday I finally tested my professional winter running equipment. Looks like I'm sponsored by Karrimor. Either the equipment failed or my body just had enough of me wanting too much from it but bit after the run it just shut down. Well, I went to bed and thought nothing of it until the next morning. I had promised to go climbing as soon as the climbing centre opens. I felt shit but went climbing anyways. There was some sort of big happening going on. We didn't participate on any of the competitions such as SPEED CLIMBING. We took all the freebies though. Below are the freebies. I will leave them visibly somewhere in my room so anyone who visits will get a very false picture of me as super serious action woman. The truth is that I am far from action person or desired superhero. Today I got finally ill for real. The whiskey drinking on Saturday night might have not helped me after all. Bugger

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