Sunday, 11 November 2012

I want to be eight again!

What a weekend! At times(like today morning) it was so shitty that I really wished to be like this super girl and not a grown up woman in a middle of a stupid relationship mess. Life was so simple as a eight year old! Maybe if I just sew a super costume and put it on, it would take away all these pointless grown up problems? It's so stupid idea that it might just work.
Yesterday at least I did some serious sport stuff. In the morning I went trough those boring sit ups and press ups etc. and then ran around muddy parks. What really is great about my new home is that I'm close to my favourite parks again: Queen's Wood, Alexandra Palace and Highgate Wood. Later on yesterday I met my friend Satu for a wall climbing session. We were both pretty tired and even more hysterical than normally. We have a standard level of hysteria every time. Wall climbing is not to be taken too seriously... But yeah, this time we finished early and headed to the pub for some recovery drinks.

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