Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I have all my stuff but don't run enough

Rubbishly I only managed to run ones in the last week and that was yesterday. Well at least I finally managed to move all my shit and now it's all  in a nice pile in the corner of our living room. Guys won't mind... On Wednesday I did karate, of course. Big bloke who also happens to be a brown belt bruised my arms pretty well. I did put on a good fight! On Thursday I got stupidly drunk, on Friday I suffered and on Saturday we went climbing again. It pays to go bit more regularly. We finally managed to progress to the next level of difficulty!

Yesterday was a sunny and brisk day. Brilliant for a good run. Also brilliant for a nice walk around Hampstead Heath. This bird animal was in one of the ponds. I don't understand what's going on with it's wings!

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