Tuesday, 6 November 2012

new home, new start

I have a new home! I moved on Sunday to my cute little room in a house I share with three blokes and occasionally one dog. I feel happy which is a new sensation after the long misery. My work journey is tiny bit longer now which wouldn't really matter if there wouldn't be that bastard called MASSIVE HILL. My main transport is my bike and this hill does make a difference. Phew. Tonight after surviving from the hill I decided to push myself even further and go running. It was my first night time run and went surprisingly well. I feel excited about this superhero project again! So excited indeed that I also decided to try to replace my alcohol obsession with a far healthier spinach obsession. I really really adore spinach. So I stuffed my face with spinach pasta which I washed down with uhm...glass of wine. I hope overdosing on spinach will make me strong like Popeye. My only wish is that I would get those mega muscles on my legs rather than arms.

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