Monday, 1 February 2016

storm? I go swimming then!

Storm Henry has been rampaging through Britain. To be fair London probably only had the baby Henry but it has been very windy indeed. Cycling has been either stupidly easy or nearly an impossible task depending on the direction of this wind in relation to the direction of your journey. Sudden side way gusts do make any journey through traffic a rather dangerous activity. So on a day like this I decided to cycle a bit more on my way home. I cycled to London Fields lido to swim OUTDOORS! Since I don't really understand how to train for the Tough Mudder, I thought better to do a great variety of sports. Also I love swimming. I especially love swimming outdoors. Last year I got to know an amazing group of kick ass women who do outdoors swimming. I was lucky enough to go for a swimming trip to Thames with them last summer and meet them lots of times at my favourite spot in London: the Ladies' Bathing Pond. These super ladies swim in a pond all year round. Last time I went with them was in October when the water temperature was +12.5 C. Us Finnish people do swim all year round as well and even in much colder conditions than here in the UK but we go to sauna before and after. That makes a massive difference and makes these Brits pretty much super human. But back to todays swim. The lido is heated up. It's actually really lovely to swim in the middle of the winter. It's especially cool to swim in a stormy weather. There were even waves in the pool! I did 20 laps which is 1 km! I am not that good swimmer technique wise and really would love to learn better. Might go to some swimming classes at some point.

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