Tuesday, 16 February 2016

run like there would be an explosion behind you!

I realise that few weeks has passed and I haven't updated anything about my excruciating training routine in here. This may be because the training has not been that excruciating or because I haven't come up with any enlightening realisations about my training. The smartest moment I had was when I decided to start jumping on and over everything whilst running. I can run. I can run long distances. Running is pretty much like meditation. No, running IS meditation. After roughly 20 minutes I start getting into a blissful zone. It's just me, myself and I and the ever changing surroundings. I don't need to think about what my body is doing too much. It just keeps on rolling. This is why I love running. When not running I am a nervous wreck kind of person. I feel strongly, I stress out about everything, I'm passionate, excitable, easily annoyed…I'm everything exhausting. I do not know how to relax properly unless running(or swimming to be fair). Now this may seem like madness to someone who does not run but I swear it makes perfect sense to me. So long distance running is my meditation and my shrink. BUT Tough Mudder is not just about running a distance. It's about everything else on the way. It's basically bit like running in an action film with your heart bounding from fear and excitement and exhaustion. It will be opposite to my meditative runs. I need to be alerted. I need to incorporate extra action and challenges to my run. I can't forget my body and just let it roll. My body needs to be ready to do zillion different things. That's why I started disrupting my runs by jumping on and over things. I also try to do all the "rides" on kids playgrounds, hang from anywhere possible etc. Basically I try to do parkour. To make my training even more Tough Mudder like I should probably roll on all the mud. I haven't done that yet. I might not ever do that.

Oh and above, that's me ready for my Valentines Day solo run. It was very romantic with me, myself and I.

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