Thursday, 28 January 2016


This is the metamorphosis of my feet during a regular day of intense training. Footwear is the key for everything. So I start my day with monster feet then progress to running feet and finish my day with spiderman feet. Basically the size of my feet shrinks. The spiderman shoes are one size bigger than those terrible foot binding things from China. The photo is a CLOSE UP one. It's wonderful how putting on a pair of shoes can enable you to transform into a whole new character. I love shoes that have a purpose, shoes that give me superpowers. Those are the very shoes that ran the London marathon. I could have not done it with just any shitty pair of shoes. The tiny spiderman ones allow me to climb walls in a way that no normal shoes would. And the monster ones…well they make me a monster!

Today I ran 13km. I took my phone with me in case I wanted to check the map because I wanted to conquer unknown areas. I still feel new to Hackney because we live right in the border of the council next to the areas I know very well. I really need to wander deeper into Hackney more often. Running is ideal for discovering new lands! But my phone has camera as well. So I had to stop for selfies every now and then. Here's me in the marshes wondering how to cross over the water area. The clue is in the name: MARSHES. It was wet. A week ago it was fine in there due to frosty conditions but now it was all simply water! My feet got totally soaked.

And this is me well…I don't know, taking a pretty selfie.

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