Friday, 28 September 2012

oups, what the f*ck did I do again!

Oopsy daisy! Last spring in a temporary loss of sufficient brain function I entered the Virgin London Marathon 2013 ballot. The chances of actually getting a place were rather slim and I never really believed to actually get one. But what happened then...oh dear, oh dear...just few hours before this very moment I received this scary letter. But because I take stupid things in life very very seriously and because I can be pretty stubborn, I will bloody become a super hero version of me.  In order to actually go trough this hell I have to make all this very public. Then there will be no excuses. So here we go: a public humiliation diary of an nonathletic  exercise hating and booze loving superhero ninja warrior. 
Note: the first thing I did, after receiving the death sentence letter, was an hour long running around pointlessly thing. In other words I started training immediately!

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