Tuesday, 6 September 2016


After I had officially decided to pursue with the new marathon challenge, I got understandably excited. I wanted to start training properly straight away. One week passed and then the universe decided to spoil everything. My flatmate Amanda got the plague. She was coughing up everything including all her inner organs. We declared her patient zero of the zombie apocalypse that was starting from our flat. After a week the coughing just got worse and worse. Now we rediagnosed her situation and realised it must be one hell of a demon living inside her that is trying to get out. Somewhere along the way I obviously caught the bug as well. There was no escaping.

Day before her birthday I felt alive and happy. I cycled to Hampstead ladies pond for an evening swim after work. On my way home I stopped to pick blackberries. The next morning I woke up early to make Amanda a cake using my freshly picked berries. She was very poorly but I wanted to try to make her birthday special regardless. Then I went for a long run. I managed bit over 17 km but felt bit weird and tired. My speed was slower than usual. The zombie bug had entered the early stages of it's destruction in my body. The birthday was very special indeed. The whole birthday week was so special we spent most of it indoors feeling miserable.

I was luckier than Amanda and never really got the killer demon cough. Both of us finally returned to work yesterday. Today I returned to exercise. I was worried but dying to get back moving. I decided to start with bouldering as I could only do couple of walls if I felt too shitty. I felt brilliant. Doing stuff and moving my body felt AMAZING. Once more this experience have taught me how terrible it is if I can't move. How fucking much I hate being ill.

Oh and the photo above demonstrates the different stages of the zombie killer plague.

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