Monday, 4 April 2016

Everything went POOP!

After the last blog post OVER one month ago I got ill. That wasn't yet when everything went POOP but it took good couple of weeks away from my training time. Then I travelled to Morocco with my sister. That obviously wasn't when things went POOP. It was amazing but it took another week away from my training time. Then everything went POOP. My life shattered. My relationship came to an end. That final POOP did take more training time away. So now when I'm adjusting to life after the POOP, I am trying to train again as well. Because why the hell not. The following superstitious thought did enter my head briefly though: Last time I started seriously training and writing this blog, my life went POOP too. Is this blog cursed perhaps? Or is it my subconscious who reacts to difficult relationship times with silly training regimes? Or is it just life that sometimes goes POOP? Nothing to do with training. I decided to go with the latter. Last time my relationship was already badly going POOP when I started the blog. And to be fair the training did help. It was good to concentrate on something so big and serious and most of all physical. This time around was very different. Sad yes and yes maybe training will help again but it wasn't the reason and neither it was the first time around. 

And that's me looking like an old-fashioned swimming champion inside a hidden paradise in Marrakesh. Photo is suitably sepia...I mean poop coloured too.

So I started running and training again despite all the POOP around. Turns out that my GPS watch isn't really good with the function called GPS. Last few times it has totally failed to find the connection. So now it is just an old fashioned stop watch. Brilliant. Luckily my brain has a good inbuilt GPS and I can pretty accurately map my runs afterwards. 

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